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4:34PM The score is now 3-zip, as NYT calls three safe GOP seats… for the GOP. That’s KY05 and IN05 & 06.

4:36PM From Drudge: “IL 49-43 Kirk [R]… KY 55-44 Paul [R]… NV TIED… ”

4:44PM GOP claims first Dem seat. IN08 goes red.

4:53PM Apparently Chandler (D) is doing OK in KY06. Nothing to do but wait out the count.

5:01PM Coats and Demint both called winners. Still no surprises.

5:02PM Paul is the new Senator from KY. Score one for the Tea Party and the libertarians. DC is about to get a bit more interesting.

5:04PM KY04 stays red. Easy call.

5:22PM HN02, all of IN and all of KY barring KY06 are trending red — but still too early to make more calls.

CORRECTION: All of Indiana except for IN01.

5:33PM CNN exits showing Manchin (D) solid in WV Senate.

5:40PM Portman wins in Ohio.

5:50PM KY03 stays blue. That one was always going to be a tough win for the GOP, but could help Dems limit losses to under 60.

5:53PM Another GOP pickup in NC08.

5:56PM Grayson (D) is gone in FL08. Not a surprise, but a very satisfying pickup nonetheless.

6:00PM Will Collier checked in to tell me KY06 is tightening, as more GOP-friendly precincts report in.

6:01PM Toss-Up IN02 is trending red. That’s a good sign.

6:02PM Fox calls Rubio the winner in FL. Collier tells me CT and DE senate races are both blue.

6:03PM Blunt owns Missouri.

6:04PM NH Senate goes red with Ayotte.

6:05PM Both NH house seats are trending red, to their GOP roots.

6:07PM Mark S comments, “Barr-Chandler – KY6th district, per Lexington TV station at 72% of vote now 51-49%, Barr has narrowed the gap…still a possibility.”

6:08PM NYT has shaded almost all of OH in pink. Trending red in the midwest.

6:09PM I’m about ready to call VA09 for the GOP. Looking like a big win there.

6:21PM FL24 is red. Another frosh Dem goes down.

6:29PM Damn. Boucher (D) pulled it out late in VA09.

6:31PM Whoa! AP now calls VA09 for Griffth (R).

6:32PM VA05 is red. That’s the race Obama personally took on for the Democrats. That’s a rebuke.

6:36PM Manchin holds his Senate seat in WV.

6:57PM Anna Little leads in NJ. You might remember my C2C interview with her a couple weeks ago. BIG win if she pulls if off.

7:01PM Corbett (R) takes PA gov.

7:03PM RCP guys say that with 20% reporting, Barney Frank is up almost 2-1.

7:26PM While I was recording a special Bill Whittle Is Back Trifecta, Fox called the House for the GOP.

7:30PM Collier, via email: “Vitter wins LA. Hookers rule.”

7:32PM Jacob Turk (R) is up in MO05. If he wins, then the Democrats pretty much cease to exist in the Midwest outside of the urban areas — and not even all of those.

7:34PM NYT has all of Michigan bar (what’s left of) the inner cities shaded pink, awaiting imminent enreddenment.

7:44PM Shuler hangs on in NC11. That would’ve made a nice pickup. Ah, well.

8:25PM Upstate New York and Pennsylvania are both doing a dance called The Switcheroo.

8:27PM New England, barring NH’s two seats, looks to remain all-blue.

8:30PM From Mark S again in the comment, it looks like KY06 might need a recount. All votes are in, and D wins by 600 votes.

9:30PM Renee Ellmers beat Bob “The Manhandler” Etheridge in NC. She was my very first Coast to Coast interview, and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person in DC last for Dick Armey’s BlogCon — and Washington just got a little bit better.

9:33PM By the New York Times’ own reckoning, the GOP is one seat away from picking up 39.

9:48PM Kasich wins Ohio gov. Around the country, Dave Barry lookalikes rejoice.

9:50PM Melissa Bean (D) fading in a “safe” Illinois seat? That’s what happens when you proudly display yourself with Pelosi on your website.

9:59PM It’s almost time to call Illinois senate for Kirk.

10:01PM If the only thing keeping you up is the Washington senate race, go to bed — this one’s going into extra innings.

10:03PM Boxer and Brown both win on the Left Coast. Sing it with me now: California tumbles into the sea…

10:17PM By my reckoning, it’s 150/215 for the GOP in the House.

10:20PM No need to redo the map, but my count has the GOP at 219.

And that’s a winner.

10:26PM Ed Martin, another Tea Party candidate I’ve interviewed, has pulled ahead in MO03.

10:33PM Reid holds on to his Senate seat. Colorado still in play.

10:42PM VA11 still too close to call, Dem with very slight edge.

10:48PM GOP House gains now at 54, tying 1994 by one measure (flipped seats) and beating it by another (seats flipped by elections, not by members switching parties).

10:51PM RCP says Buck (R) has pulled ahead in CO Senate.