Required Reading

Back in May, New Jersey’s new Republican governor promised he’d veto the Democrats’ “millionaires’ tax,” because Chris Christie wasn’t going to raise taxes, period.


The tax passed on party-line votes in the assembly and senate on May 20. Sweeney then certified the bill and walked it across the statehouse to Christie’s office, where the governor — who had vowed to balance the budget without raising taxes, and who’d developed a bewildering habit of keeping his promises — vetoed it. The whole thing took about two minutes.

“We’ll be back, governor,” Sweeney told Christie on being dispatched with the dead letter.

“All right, we’ll see,” came the reply.

Christie won that battle — and closed his state’s 11-billion dollar shortfall without raising taxes.

Draft this man for 2012.

Anyway, the quoted text is from a National Review profile of Christie by Daniel Foster, and you really do want to read every word.


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