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Spent the weekend on my feet at BlogWorld in Vegas, and totally forgot to link the new PJM Political. On this week’s show:

Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon interviews, from the left, John Aravosis of, and from the right, Dan Blatt of Gay, on President Obama’s promise to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act.

From’s weekly Trifecta program, Scott Ott of, PJTV’s Bill Whittle and PJM Political host Steve Green debate the epic fail of the new Website.

Bill Whittle interviews Col. Austin Bay, the co-author of A Quick & Dirty Guide To War, on President Obama’s next actions in Central Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan & India.

Joe Hicks of on President Obama and net neutrality, a topic he’ll explore with Veronica Belmont of MaximumPC, beginning with the obvious question – just what the heck is net neutrality, anyhow! And then asking, “Does Net Neutrality Mean Censoring the Internet?”’s Glenn Reynolds interviews Steven Pressfield, author of Gates Of Fire, Killing Rommel, and other works of military historical fiction – and a very non-military book eventually adapted into a movie starring Will Smith, The Legend of Bagger Vance.


As always, producer Ed Driscoll has put together a great show.


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