You Can't Trust Antitrust

Just how anti-free market is our inexperienced young President? He’s getting pushback from his own antitrust chief:

President Obama’s top antitrust official and some senior Democratic lawmakers are preparing to rein in a host of major industries, including airline and railroad giants, moving so aggressively that they are finding some resistance from officials within the administration.


Democrats have spent years trying to gain the support of businesses, and the policy changes under way may have long-term political implications for their party. Some companies would like to see more aggressive antitrust enforcement against their rivals, while others could be hurt by it.

In some cases, though, the new approach is being opposed by administration officials. Some fear that the crackdown is coming at a bad time, as corporate America reels from the recession. Other officials embrace the Bush administration’s view that larger companies and industry alliances can provide consumer benefits by making their businesses more efficient.

Obama can run the auto industry, the banking industry, replace our entire health system in a fortnight, and fine-tune economic growth through the proper application of stimulus money over a two-year period.

So why shouldn’t he command whatever else little remains of competition in this country?

ALSO: Interesting to note that this was the top story in this morning’s head’s-up email from The New York Times.