First Amendment Blues

Yesterday the Rocky Mountain News came out in favor of full First Amendment protection for bloggers, and I thanked them. The resulting comments were interesting, and made me think that maybe I hadn’t made myself clear.


Garrett Banse who — a glutton for punishment — has been reading my stuff since the days of internet BBSs, wrote:

Since I am firmly in ‘the Constitution is Pretty Fucking Clear” camp, I have to agree with our first two commentators. The fact that there was ever a question about bloggers having the same First Amendment protections as the ‘traditional’ media in this country just boggles the mind.

Well, yeah!

My praise wasn’t for the stupid and unnecessary law (which “Congress shall not pass”) regarding who should get covered by the First Amendment. Rather, I was thanking the editors at the RMN for not doing what so many other newspapers of note have done. And that is, using stupid and unconstitutional laws to rent-seek the competition out of business.


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