VEGAS -- The Liveblog! Part III

Sitting in on the Milblog conference, including Bill Roggio and Jim Hanson and others. OP-FOR‘s John Noonan as supposed to be here, but got called up on alert. So it goes without saying that having your own nuclear missile to tend to isn’t always a good thing. Later, Michael Yon will check in via satellite from Iraq.


Best question so far: Do you have to be pro-mission to be a milblogger. Best answer: No, but we pretty much all are.

Later, Pajamas Media (Booth 101, 3pm) will sponsor a series of 30 second speed debates. Yours truly will be judging. I can’t promise to be impartial, but I can promise to at least be loud and maybe amusing. Assuming Roger L Simon comes through with that promised martini.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds landed safely and, amazingly, on time. Vegas is a busy town, especially this week, but this town has a real genius for moving large numbers of people from Point A to Point B very quickly. And separating them from their money at both A and B and in-between.

UPDATE: Roggio joked that he wants to start a blog on his blog. The funny part? He wasn’t actually joking.


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