Required Reading

Writing for The Times, David Aaronovitch makes an interesting argument – that had NATO not intervened in the Balkans, the Anglo-American alliance would not have invaded Iraq. The stage for intervention was set in Srebrenica a decade ago:


All that remains for them [left-wing appeasers] to do is to spread as many rumours as they can that the forces of imperialism done the old boy in, and then they can get down to the business of pre-emptively defending Kim Jong Il, or posthumously rehabilitating Beria, or something useful like that. What I want to do, however, is to chronicle how the Serbian leader was responsible for the invasion of Iraq. Along a line of logic that runs, crudely, no Slobbo, no Bosnia, no Kosovo, no fashion for intervention, no Iraq.

Read the whole thing, especially the bit about Noam Chomsky and The Guardian’s memory hole.


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