In response to my question, “Where have the Democrats been,” someone calling himself “True Progressive” comments:

Oh know [sic], we don’t get a whiny neocon on our side. Big loss. Listen up, do think there is an “in-between” on social justice? Well there isn’t. So you take your Randian-fascist views and keep them to yourself. We progressives don’t need you, and we don’t need your militia-KKK buddies either. Keep pumping the corporate and Rovian messages over and over…we are watching you. You nazis won’t infiltrate us. You will be stopped.


Way to win the middle!

It used to be, Democrats prayed for high turnout on election day. The thinking was that a majority of voters held Democratic beleifs – and judging by the results, the thinking was correct. But if “True Progressive” is any indication, the vast majority is no longer welcome in his party, as evidenced by both his arguments and his attitude.

So if the Democrats aren’t about winning the majority, maybe they’re dedicated to disgusting us all so much, that they can win in low-turnout elections.


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