MSM Follies

Mickey Kaus is having trouble getting rid of The Los Angeles Times:

LAT Desperation Update: After cancelling the L.A. Times, then cancelling again when I got a bill showing an ongoing account (with only a “stop delivery adjustment”), I got a phone call from the Times this morning. “”Thank you,” the Times rep said, “[We] want to welcome you back!” It seems the Times was “in [my] neighborhood” and he was offering me a rate of $2.99 a week! I told him I’d cancelled. He said, “It’s on hold right now.” I said no, I’d cancelled it twice. He said “So you don’t want the paper right now” and rang off. … Something about that final “right now” tells me I’m going to be “welcomed back” again soon. … Is the Times telling advertisers and shareholders that a lot of subscriptions are “on hold” when really they’re cancelled?

I feel his pain.