Oh, Domino...?

Iran Press News reports on the eruption of several anti-government protests during last evening’s Iranian New Year’s celebrations, and Let’s Try Freedom’s Robert Hayes, a former resident of Iran, adds context and commentary for the Blogger News Network:


Iran experienced anti-mullah uprisings in its major cities, including Teheran, Isfahan, Abressan Junction and Karaj, on the evening of March 15. The 15th was Chahar-shanbeh Souri, an ancient Persian fire festival aimed at driving out bad luck at the end of the traditional Iranian year (which falls on March 21 this year).

The uprisings were sharp but apparently limited in scope. Police cars and trucks were burned, along with effigies of Iran’s increasingly unpopular government and religious leaders. Despite demands by the Islamic government that citizens stay home and refrain from observing the fire festival, large groups openly disobeyed the edict, while there were reports of any number of clashes with security forces.

This could be the beginning of a real revolution.

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Color me skeptical


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