Road Rash

Back in 1990s, California’s dimwitted legislature passed a law requiring that by 2003, 4% of all new cars offered for sale have electric motors. The dimwits weren’t concerned with whether the vehicles actually existed or if people even wanted them. The law was scaled back in 2001, about the same time hybrid gas/electric cars came around to save their bacon.


But be careful what you wish for. CBS News reports that college student (and heavy commuter) Jason Just’s hybrid car is hurting the Golden State’s roads:

“I was paying about $500 a month [for gas],” says Just.

So Just bought a fuel efficient hybrid and said goodbye to his gas-guzzling BMW.

And what kind of mileage does he get?

“The EPA estimate is 60 in the city, 51 on the highway,” says Just.

And that saves him almost $300 a month in gas. It’s great for Just but bad for the roads he’s driving on, because he also pays a lot less in gasoline taxes which fund highway projects and road repairs. As more and more hybrids hit the road, cash-strapped states are warning of rough roads ahead.

The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.


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