That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Robert Bidinotto finally weighs in on John Kerry’s war record, but wishes he didn’t have to:

Rather than dwell on 1/3 of one year in his 60-year life, voters should be asking him instead: Okay, Mr. Kerry, so what have you done with the other 59 3/4’s years of your life? What have you done, for example, during 20 years in the U. S. Senate, except to compile what the National Journal describes as the most liberal voting record of any senator? Or do you, in fact, focus everyone’s attention on those 17 weeks in Vietnam precisely because you don’t want anyone to pay much attention to the rest of your career?

I only wish that John Kerry’s philosophical courage had been equal to his physical courage. His political career has been characterized by the lowest sort of opportunism–a pragmatic choreography that has led him, step by calculated step, to serially marry two future campaign war chests, and to take a Heinz-like 57 varieties of positions on every conceivable issue.


Read the whole thing here.


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