Mea Culpa

I already said Charles Sakai’s essay on Military Intelligence was today’s Required Reading — but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to skip this post from Robert Musil:


The New York Times today publishes a rather panicky interview by Deborah (“This Can’t Be True! Nobody I Know Is Voting For Bush!”) Solomon of Yale Professor Ray C. Fair – creator of the “Fair Model” for predicting presidential races – a model that Professor Fair updated as of July 31st to show a coming Bush landslide of 57.48 percent of the two-party vote that has Ms. Solomon so worried. Unlike Ms. Solomon’s questions, Professor Fair’s answers are themselves models of professional restraint.

The interview is priceless, and so is Robert’s commentary. Don’t miss either one.

And both will provide fodder for my next Tech Central Station column — assuming it passes muster with that editor-to-end-all-editors, Nick Schulz. (Seriously, Nick told me to chop my Game Plan essay in half. I couldn’t cut it quite that much, but the result is a much better read than the original. Thanks, Nick.)



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