I’ve gotta take a moment to pat myself (and Will Collier, bless him!) on the back.

Last couple of weeks, this blog has been red hot. Traffic is up, which is flattering, but that’s not the main reason for all the self-congratulations. Postings are more frequent. Quality is improved. And best of all, I’m having more fun with this blog than I have in at least two years.


Am I drinking more? Nope – doesn’t square with improved quality and quantity.

Am I on Prozac? Not a chance. You read the stuff here lately?

Am I drinking better coffee in the AMs? I wish.

The blog is good again, for the simple reason that I like looking at it. And I like looking at it because of Sekimori, the brilliant bitch (her word!) who did the redesign.

Bet Sekimori could work some wonders for you, too.


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