John Stossel on John Edwards

A friend tipped me to this, which I believe is a transcript of John Stossel’s 20/20 report on John Edwards, trial lawyers, and politics from this last week (I haven’t watched 20/20 or any other network news show in at least a dozen years). It’s good stuff, and the kind of things Edwards and his big-money contingency lawyer backers definitely don’t want heard on the national news.

A footnote: apparently, Babwa Wawa and the powers-that-be at ABC News were so offended by hearing discouraging words about Edwards on their program that Walters issued a rarely-heard ‘this does not represent the opinions of me or ABC News’ disclaimer immediately after Stossel’s report.

No doubt she was telling the complete truth there. Why Stossel still puts up with such nonsense is beyond me, but good on him for being a maverick voice of reason among the media herd.