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I’m mostly bored with the news again, so it’s time to drag out another old saw from the Tales from Wasted Lives.

Today’s story is Cooking Vodka.


You’ve heard of cooking wine, cooking sherry, and cooking brandy, but only Dave could have come up with cooking vodka. “Cooking vodka” doesn’t mean you cook with the precious; it means you cook while imbibing the precious.

My old buddy Dave was running the upstairs, fine dining restaurant at Harrah’s Tahoe way back when, and shared a mountain bachelor pad with his sommelier, Jay. With the market pretty much cornered on the best food and wine in Tahoe, and an endless series of cocktail waitresses from which to choose (I think Dave married at least a couple of them, however briefly), Dave and Jay were the twin terrors of the town.

So one night the boys brought home a couple new young ladies, and as always, prepared to seduce them with food and drink. If I recall correctly, D & J planned to make veal tornadoes with shiitake mushrooms in a Marsala sauce. After he moved to Colorado


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