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More love and understanding from the loony left:

You are a clueless dipshit. Gee, Germany grows a spine and you are outraged. Fuck Kyoto its Sadam eh? Gore won, your [sic] an idiot and so is Bush. Please kill yourself.


The last time Germany grew a spine, she remilitarized the Rhineland, took over Austria, neutered and then ruined Czechoslovakia, invaded Poland, Norway, Denmark, the Low Countries, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Russia. Oh, and murdered 12 million Jews, gays, gypsies, cripples, and other “undesireables.” Please, let’s not see any more backbone from our German friends — I’d hate to have to feel more outrage.

We were not attacked on 9/11 because Bush refuses to sign the Kyoto Accord. The Senate refused to even look at it four years ago. Bill Clinton ignored it, too.

In this country, the President is determined by the Electoral College. In Decemeber, 2000 the EC elected George W. Bush, a result then confirmed by Congress. Deal with it.

As for killing myself. . . why would I ever do that, when I’m having so much fun at the expense of idiots and morally handicapped?


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