Coming Soon to a Theater of War Near You

From Jim Dunnigan’s StrategyPage:

The much hyped attack on Iraq has long been dismissed as speculation because there were no support preparations. Well, that’s changing. Since July, commanders of dozens of reserve support units have been quietly told to get ready for mobilization in the next few months. The Department of Defense has been buying up additional fuel supplies in the Persian Gulf and the navy has been chartering additional transports. Perhaps most ominously, the 5th Special Forces Group (who’s beat covers the Middle East and Afghanistan) has been pulling it Arabic speaking troops out of Afghanistan. These men are to be “redeployed.” It looks like a lot of American combat units are about to be redeployed, in the direction of the northern end of the Persian Gulf.


What you don’t see is the massive sealift of entire mechanized and armored divisions from Europe or Norfolk, VA. So this site still feels pretty damn confident that the new Iraq War will be a much, much smaller affair than the last one.


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