Killing Bambi Is Good For You

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AP reports that a New York couple who had their baby girl on a strict vegetarian diet have been charged with child endangerment. The 16-month-old girl weighed only ten pounds.


I have to go on a very old rant of mine now.

Forget that god fellow and his orders that we lord it over the animals. Please. Theological debate is a lot like masturbation — fun but useless. Instead, let’s look at the basic design of the human animal.

Our eyes are both in the front of our head, giving us stereoscopic vision. This is a feature found in predators — animals who hunt and kill. Vegetarians, like cows, have eyes on the sides of their heads to give them a wider view, in order to better spot creatures like us coming.

Our teeth include incisors and canines designed for tearing flesh. And just listen to the name “canine.” Ever seen a pack of dogs hunting carrots? Furthermore, we don’t have the thick enamal you find on herbivore teeth; all that fiber chewing requires it.

One does not need opposable thumbs to munch flowers. One needs opposable thumbs to make and wield a spear.


Our digestive systems don’t deal very well with nothing but vegetable matter. If you’re sitting next to someone eating a Beans & Grass Burrito, I suggest you sit upwind.

“Oh, but it’s cruel to the animals.” Yeah, and the animals are cruel to each other. I’ll give up steak just as soon as Lucy Lion gives up gazelles. Lucy is made for killing, and so am I.

“We have pills to replace what we miss not eating meat.” You’ll disdain the science of nutrition if it has fur, but not if it has a lab coat? If you’re going to rely on science, then rely on science. And science damn well proves that we’re omnivores.

Herbs are for flavor — meat is the meal.


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