A Very Public Spanking

I usually keep it civil in here, but some idiocy is just so intolerably idiotic, that its author needs to be verbally slapped around.

So I need to speak bluntly now.


Jamese, exactly how stupid and self-hating are you? No, really. I’m not being facetious, or trying to use comic effect. I want to know just how shallow your brain is.

In response to my little post regarding Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah’s oil threat to the United States, you posted this in my comments area:

Just a wild guess, but that sort of belligerent bullying is probably part of the reason that billions of people in this world loathe America. Explaining to him why it’s in his best interests to remain Dubya’s loyal puppy is one thing, but outright threats should he choose any other course of action is a little pathetic.

The de facto ruler of an oil-rich theocracy threatens the jobs (and, implicitly, lives) of the people of the world’s oldest continuously-functioning democracy, should we not cut back our support for the Middle East’s only democracy.

The next day, an amateur pundit sitting in his basement, with power over no one but a cat, reminds said leader which country holds most of the trump cards.

And you think I’m the threat, Jamese? You are so lacking in thought, so reflexively anti-American, so knee-jerk deep in self-hatred for having a decent life in a decent country (Canada), that you cannot distinguish the powerful from the powerless.

You are unable or unwilling to distinguish between freedom and theocracy, between wealth borne of work and wealth borne of luck, between decency and thuggery, between the victim and the victimizer.


The US gave you Gloria Steinem and Camille Paglia.

Saudi Arabia gives you the abaya.

The US gave you the constitutional republic.

Saudi Arabia gives you sharia.

The US gave you freedom of — and from — religion.

Saudi Arabia presents never-ending jihad.

Free press/al-Jazeera. Gay civil unions (and someday marriage)/gay executions. Sexual revolution/female genital mutilation. NAFTA/OPEC. Free elections/Idle rich royalty. Democrats vs Republicans/Political parties are outlawed. Supports democracy in the Holy Land/Pays bounties for suicide bombers.

Need I go on? Do you get it yet? You can no longer make any claim of ignorance. Let’s see if you’re still as stupid tomorrow.

Your comments, should you wish to make them, will be welcome here. But you won’t be coddled; not by me. I will no longer suffer fools gladly, just because they read my work.

As Bush might tell Abdullah this afternoon — I’m sorry I had to do that, but you left me no choice.


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