It Ain't Never Gonna Be

It Ain’t Never Gonna Be Pretty
Tom Friedman says we need troops permanently stationed, NATO-style, in Afghanistan and Israel. I don’t agree with all his reasons, especially the left-liberal claptrap about creating “legitimacy” for actions against Iraq, but on this one, Friedman is right.


With Iraq, Saddam’s broken ceasefire agreement is all we need to invade. All the other reasons (WMD work, complicity in 9/11, etc) are just gravy.

But if we want to keep some semblance of order in Afghanistan, and if we want Israel to feel safe enough to give up its settlements and occupation in the West Bank, then we’re going to have to station troops in both countries. For a very, very long time.

Friedman said you had to be sitting down to hear the news. I just say deal with it.


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