It's Good To Be Right

It’s Good To Be Right
When Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil announced the nation was out of recession, I wrote:

O’Neil predicts 3-3.5% growth for 2002, but I’d bet a little higher. 3.5-4.0%. Seriously. If you can find a cheap index fund…


In today’s National Review Online, La Jolla Economics experts Victor Canto and Peter Mork write:

At the beginning of the year, in a special Wall Street Journal report, top economists weighed in with an average forecast of 2.59% growth for 2002. That number will now be revised upwards to approach the 4% range.

This time, I beat the experts by ten days.

Advantage: VodkaPundit.

UPDATE: I wasn’t kidding about finding a cheap index fund. And no, I won’t be giving out free advice.


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