Bill Safire is pulling a

Bill Safire is pulling a Friedman. Thomas Friedman is another columnist over at the New York Times who is so dead-on with 90% of what he writes that the 10% crap is SO frustrating that it makes you want to pull out your hair. I can’t remember who came up with that observation, but it is certainly apt.


Anyway, in his column on human cloning today, Safire writes: “No to cloning tomorrow’s people; yes to cloning cells that cure today’s people. Because most of us agree, that will become law and policy.”

I wish, Bill.

Bush’s council is so stacked with anti-cloners that I’m afraid even petri-dish cloning of human cells will be outlawed. And as I wrote in an especially vicious rant last week (scroll down), that would be a crime.

Wake up, Mr. President — you’re on the wrong side of this issue. And stop “gushing” over the President’s panel, Mr. Safire; it could easily lean the wrong way. And then so could Congress.


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