Seattle Dystopia: Students at Three Schools Targeted by Masked and Armed Gangs

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The lax attitude toward criminals, hatred of cops, and the general unraveling of civil society in Seattle there have now penetrated the walls of three schools with attacks on students by masked and organized criminal gangs.


The left’s plan of restorative justice, setting criminals free, and not only indulging but celebrating bad behavior has come knocking on the door of Seattle schools.

Students at Auburn Riverside High School were attacked by organized groups of masked men as they ran through the halls.

Fox 13 News reported that “the five people approached a side door of the school building around 1 p.m., which was locked while class is in session,” but  “a student opened the door for them, thinking they were supposed to be on campus.”

After the school went on lockdown, local police were allowed to provide security for the students.

More than 500 students were kept home from school after last Monday’s attack.

In the Ballard section of Seattle, gangs of masked and armed robbers have lain in wait for students walking home and robbed them of wallets, money, and cell phones. The same thing happened to students walking home from the nearby Whitman Middle School.

Students report being jumped and mugged by four to six armed gangsters, according to KOMO News. 


An unidentified student told KOMO, “I can probably name five or six people I know from Ballard who have actually encountered [the robbers]. I feel pretty scared. it’s just crazy that this is happening so close to school, especially that it is with real guns” [emphasis added].

“I know they’ve jumped a few people,” Cove Brammer, a sophomore, told KOMO. “It’s a little scary because I walk home alone and I have my phone and my wallet.”

Only a little scary?

The stories keep coming. Another student, Henry Howisey, was waiting for some of his crew team members to get to his car when he got a call saying they’d been mugged.  “I was waiting on my friends to get in the car, and I get a call from my buddy saying, ‘We just got mugged around the corner from you,'” Howisey told KOMO News.

He ran to help them. “[T]hey’re fine. They just got things stolen. Usually, they get beat up pretty good, but they got lucky, and they didn’t get hurt,” he said.

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These poor kids consider themselves lucky if they just got robbed and not beaten or shot.  As a reminder, that’s not how any of this is supposed to work in a civil society.


The bad guys, who need to be in prison, are believed to be in their teens, but that was also said of the other band of thieves — home invasion predators — who have stalked, Tased, and robbed Asian people in Seattle and — surprise! — Auburn recently.

Those armed thieves included only one teen who, when he was finally arrested, had the temerity to ask a judge if he could be set free because he does it all the time. Kids don’t know much, but they do know when some dumb adult will give them what they ask for.

Here’s how that went over with the judge, as I reported at PJ Media:

Crime in Seattle has exploded since Black Lives Matter and woke politicians combined forces to cut “those racist” cops while allowing predatory criminals to be set free on the streets to predate upon Asians.

Here’s the 16-year-old suspect’s colloquy with the judge.

Accused Child Criminal: “I can’t get house arrest?” Gesticulating: “You let people get out. You let people get out.”

Judge: “I’m not letting you out”

Accused Child Criminal: “Why not?”

Judge: “Why not? Maybe you should ask [your attorney]”

It’s troubling that the judge couldn’t or wouldn’t answer that question. It should have been a layup.


Recently, one homeowner shot at the armed home invaders, but didn’t hit the three perpetrators. No one was hurt.

But now these tactics are being used on students inside and outside Seattle area schools.

Seattle’s lax attitude on crime, COVID-19 shot orders that drove cops out of the job, and the left’s defunding the police movement, which has left Seattle Police undermanned, have once again left the most vulnerable people to the tender “mercies” of the godless, nihilist mob. Again.

Dystopia, here we come are.


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