West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Even Lefties Say Gavin Newsom's 'Make America California' Not a 'Winning Message'

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While Joe Biden has been tripping over sandbags and slurring speeches, West Coast, Messed Coast™ Gov. Gavin Newsom is using duct tape, super glue, and reporters with special expertise in turd polishing to construct a story to tell Americans when Joe falls and can’t get back up in the 2024 presidential race. Newsom’s attempt is so facile and transparent that even the Lefty Politico noticed.


B+ in West Coast, Messed Coast™ decline management

Newsom has spent his term in office shutting down beaches, telling singers in churches to shut up or they’ll kill people, and blaming wildfires and drought on global warming while doing nothing about changing forest management practices or breaking ground on new reservoirs instead of flushing the majority of the California water into the ocean. Until now. Sort of.

Knowing he needed to do something to appear busy, Newsom pushed the legislature “for a set of bills accelerating infrastructure development.” And when push came to shove, “Newsom … jettisoned a controversial water project acceleration while adopting a modified version of Newsom’s push to relax [environmental] reviews.” Politico entitled the piece, “Newsom’s 11th-hour infrastructure push.”

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Of course, even Democrats are laughing up their sleeve about Governor Hair Gel’s attempt to look busy and pretend things are great as he sheds the population of people who can still afford to leave and lost $60 BILLION in COVID-19 unemployment aid to COVID fraudsters in prisons and from overseas.

If Newsom aspires to something bigger than managing the decline of California, well, Rep. Ro Khanna, whose district includes Silicon Valley, says, “I think the message that says ‘Make America California’ is not a winning message,” he told Vanity Fair.


Newsom continues to go on blithely about how he has made California into the “True Freedom State” as a tweak at Ron DeSantis’s Florida. It’s such a phony, fraudulent message that even Newsom’s in-laws got the hell out of California and moved to … Florida.

Run away! Run away! 

As PJ Media’s Rick Moran pointed out recently, a Newsom colleague, Republican State Sen. Scott Wilk, advised parents that “if you love your children” then “flee” from California. Wilk says that recent woke legislation will take children from their parents if they don’t agree to sex changes for children.

Wilk says after his term of office ends, he’s leaving too. He’s moving “to America.”

COVID ‘ends’ in Oakland

Who knew that, as the rest of the world has been living a nearly normal life for the past year or so, things were very, very dangerous in the East Bay community of Oakland, Calif.? Oakland, of course, is home to the finest funk band in the world, ever, ever: The Tower of Power. What we didn’t realize is that Oakland needed a Soul Vaccination for the poor schmucks still living in fear — fear of losing free stuff.


Oakland just ended COVID renters’ subsidies, and the slackers are upset.

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They claim that taking away taxpayer-paid rent is “robbery,” “theft,” and “abuse.”

Hey, we know it’s expensive in California. It’s quickly turning into a place where only the very wealthy or those on the dole can afford to live. But seriously, these folks haven’t paid rent for three years. Come on maaaan!

A July 4 message to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ from the Free State of Idaho

No, I’m not so naïve to believe that the people fleeing to Idaho from the West Coast, Messed Coast™ won’t change it to a more blue, dysfunctional, and woke place. You’ve got to appreciate the message from the Kootenai County Sheriff, however, who understands the simple order of operations. To wit: if you legalize or decriminalize drugs, you’ll get more high people living on the streets because they prefer to spend their rent money on drugs, and then your population won’t flee to places like the Free State of Idaho.


Sheriff Robert “Bob” Norris penned a message to people who wish to “engage in any criminal behavior” such as using fentanyl, meth, marijuana, and heroin during their Independence Day celebrations. It’s a felony, and they’ll go to jail. However, “if one chooses to possess controlled substances, or engage in any criminal behavior, Seattle, Spokane, and the entire state of Washington is a wonderful place to enjoy” the holiday.

Major-League mess

As your humble correspondent mentioned concerning the All-Star Potemkin Effort in a recent West Coast, Messed Coat™ report, Seattle is hosting Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and has been desperately trying to clean up all the drug-addled zombies populating the city along its major pathways to the ball yard.

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Seattle radio host (and radio colleague) Jason Rantz notes that you might want to watch out if you’re taking the light-rail trains to the ball game.


Jason’s written a book about the death of this American city It’s coming out soon, and there’s no shortage of material.


Our sole Oregon mention today is not that Mayor Ted Wheeler has — as predicted — chickened out of cleaning up Portland of the dirty, drug-addled, and disease-infested homeless tent cities. No, it’s about the case of Portland-area bakers Sweetcakes by Melissa, whose owners were bashed, sued, belittled, and eventually run out of town for failing to endorse a gay marriage by baking a wedding cake. They had all kinds of gay customers, but wedding cakes were a bridge too far for this Christian baker.

Melissa and Aaron Klein have been waiting for the Supreme Court decision on the case of a Colorado wedding website designer who refused to serve a gay couple. That case was decided today in favor of free speech, with the court decreeing, “The First Amendment prohibits Colorado from forcing a website designer to create expressive designs speaking messages with which the designer disagrees.”

The Kleins believe their case is likely to be remanded back to Oregon for redress.

Aren’t you glad someone tells you the truth about the West Coast, Messed Coast™?

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