Hide Your Kids: Oregon Gives Slap on Wrist to Satanist 'Drag Mom' for Sex Crimes

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A former teacher’s aide and drag queen has been sentenced to less than a year in an Oregon County jail for sex crimes with children.

Kelsey Meta Boren, the former special ed aide by day and female drag enthusiast by night, was sentenced to a short jail term after being found guilty on eleven charges of “Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse in the First Degree.” Illegal photos of children were found on Boren’s computer, according to the Daily Mail.


The Post Millennial reports that Boren told detectives “that her need for child sex abuse content was like an ‘uncontrollable itch that she couldn’t stop.’ The deputy district attorney told TPM her victims have no relationship to [Veneta Elementary School] or children there.” The school is near Eugene.


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Boren came to the attention of concerned Oregon parents because of posts about a drag show featuring an eleven-year-old girl. Boren identified as the child’s “drag mom.” TPM reports that a “drag mom” is “a drag performer who teaches a younger or inexperienced person the tricks of the trade. Boren used the stage name ‘Alwaiz Craving’ (always craving) and had been one of several adults grooming the child into drag performing since she was at least seven years old.” Photos with the child appear to have been expunged from Boren’s Instagram account, though the flyer for a show with the little tyke is still up on Twitter.

The performer and part-time teacher’s aide was busted in August of 2022, and sexual photos of children were found on her computer. She was accused of trafficking the images.

Just two months after the arrest, concerned parents discovered Boren was included in a drag show with the eleven-year-old. They picketed the event that was held at a Eugene area fetish bar. The bar, named “Old Nick’s,” is apparently Satan’s nickname. It holds regular kink and fetish nights for adult patrons that include “impact play,” “rope suspension,” and “electric play.”


Trans activists counter-protested, calling the parents and disgusted citizens “ists,” “phobes,” and “Nazis.”

If that sounds oddly familiar, it’s because Andy Ngo points out that the bar is a well-known Oregon Antifa hangout spot.

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The event was posted on Facebook. The Daily Mail reported that the post highlighted the child’s performance.

An earlier Facebook post by the pub to promote the event said: ‘Vanellope is here to show you what an 11-year-old drag queen can do.

‘With all the charm and sweetness of a bowl of sugary cereal, Vanellope is here to brighten up your morning with all her drag talent.’

The post drew a mixture of criticism and support, with a statement posted by Vanellope’s family and friends has claimed the relationship with Boren was strictly ‘professional’ and they only met ‘maybe four or five times’.

The girl’s performance was canceled after protests against it were announced.

No one in Oregon seems to know the difference between right and wrong anymore.


But it’s clear that 30 days for each sex count is Oregon’s declaration of who is more important…and it ain’t the kids.


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