Seattle Fire Chief Accused of Helping BLM and Antifa Take Over CHAZ During 'Summer of Love'

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

In 2020, the “Summer of Love” in Seattle was symbolized by riots by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their buddies in the Professional Protest movement. The groups took over part of Seattle. They called the seven-to-20 block area at first CHOP and then CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Nearly three years later, Seattle firefighters accuse the fire chief of helping the insurrectionists, whose aim was to get rid of cops and install their own independent government, hijack the city.


CHAZ self-appointed Warlord Raz Simone handed out guns to others, which is against the law — for lawful gun owners, anyway.

Simone was also accused of trafficking girls.

By the time occupation of other people’s property was over, there had been at least six shooting victims. Two teens died inside the encampment, there were beatings and sexual assaults, and reporters were threatened or barred. Portland Antifa sent reinforcements.

Firefighters said that Fire Chief Harold “Scoggins while on duty and in uniform actively supported the perpetrators of the civil unrest and provided support” even with armed rioters “harassing” medics/firefighters “pursuing units aggressively and attempting to make them pull over” Indeed, they say that because the fire chief made a deal with the insurrectionists, six people who were shot and two who died were first treated by Antifa “medics,” and not trained fire department EMTs.


The Post Millennial reports that firefighters have sent a letter to local law enforcement, the King County prosecutor, and Mayor Bruce Harrell asking why Scoggins still has a job after he:

ordered the removal of front-line emergency equipment from Fire Department vehicles and gave it to the people inside the ‘autonomous zone’, this bypasses set protocols and directly puts patients in way of harm by removing trained personnel and placing undue burden on civilians to administer aid. Chief Scoggins also openly stated that he facilitated the movement of cement blockades into the street of the protest zone, this reckless act made it impossible for the Fire Department to come to the aid of those inside the zone. [emphasis added]

They accused him of costing human lives for his complicity in the takeover by the Leftist insurgents. One can imagine that then-Mayor Jenny Durkan, Police Chief Carmen Best, and Scoggins kept in touch with the likes of Raz Simone and others inside CHAZ in hopes of using text messages and calls to persuade them. But the worst was to come.

When ordered to preserve all texts, records, and emails in a lawsuit for the family of one of the kids shot inside CHAZ, the lawsuit alleges that Scoggins took his phone to the Apple Store and had a tech reset his phone to factory settings, erasing them. Durkan and Best’s texts were set to erase after 30 days.

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And the City was sanctioned by a judge: “federal Judge Thomas Zilly sanctioned the city. Shortly thereafter, the city of Seattle settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit with business owners who were victims of the armed occupiers of the zone.”

Some messages survived, however, including ones concerning Scoggins talking with Raz Simone.

Firefighters were disgusted.

Chief Scoggins later openly spoke about his support and communication with the occupants of the Capitol Hill Occupied Protests (CHOP), including Raz Simone, even after a video surfaced on YouTube showing Raz Simone distributing assault rifles to protestors.

For simply knowing that there were guns inside the protest zone, the Fire Chief and Chief of Police should have coordinated effective planning for the removal of shooting victims, or any patients suffering an emergency inside the zone. The lack of a well-constructed plan under standard operating guidelines resulted in loss of life.

Scoggins coordinated barrier placements for protesters, according to the Post Millennial.

The letter, exclusively obtained by the online outlet, shows angry firefighters accusing the fire chief of breaking his oath of office.

Oath-breaking was another disease of epidemic proportions that summer.

Let’s hope somebody pays for it.


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