Another 'Orange Man Bad' Leftist Lie Dies After Ridiculous Investigation Into Trump Bible Moment

It would be so much easier if the organized Left would simply stop using their fauxfense of anything Donald Trump did as president to criminalize political differences. Maybe these same clowns would spare the American people spending ridiculous sums to find out – once again – that Orange Man Was Not Bad.


But that would be too easy.

So it is with not-so-great fanfare and barely concealed No Sh*t Sherlock-ism that we discover yet another article of faith in the Church of Orange Man Bad is fake. A chimera. A vituperative vestige of vapidity that the media made up and ate up.

After another lengthy, costly investigation – this one by the Department of the Interior’s Inspector General – we discover what we already knew, that no, President Trump did not clear Lafayette Square of people in front of the White House because he wanted a photo op with a Bible, but because Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters were setting things on fire – such as the St. John’s Church across the damn street and a curfew had been imposed.

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Who did not know this?


The Left were fauxfended that the president would “defile” a Bible taken from the pew of the St. John’s Episcopal Church, which just hours before had been set aflame by anti-western, anti-Christian Marxist communists.


The New York Times lied about the clearing of the rioters.

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D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser lied about the riots calling them “peaceful.

Those “peaceful” rioters alarmed the president’s Secret Service detail enough to move Trump to the presidential bunker.

But sure, the media and the Left – but I repeat myself –  explained, President Trump moved out the rioters because he wanted a photo op with a Bible not because of the violence.


All one has to do is scratch beneath the surface to discover that the sign of intelligent life they expected to find in these news stories was just a fluff-filled pant load of kapok by like-minded media airheads.

Trump loves his photo ops, but what came first , the riots or the photo op?

The media couldn’t or wouldn’t answer that question.

That the Left has continued to trade in this whopper is just another example of gaslighting in an attempt to rewrite history and continue to weaponize institutions against political differences.

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ABC News still calls it a “major controversy.”

The office also concluded that the Park Police officers acted within their authority to begin clearing Lafayette Square and nearby before the city’s 7 p.m. curfew, a move that was widely criticized at the time as having contributed to the chaos and confusion at the scene.

“We did not find evidence that a potential presidential visit to the park or the St John’s Church influenced the park police’s decision making, or their deployment, you know, in their operation to clear out the park. So that’s the big, the big finding of our report is, is the is the clear evidence of why they decided to do so and when they made the decision, and on the flip side, the lack of evidence related to the President’s potential visit influencing that decision,” he said on ABC News Live.


NBC’s Meet the Press tweet that the story was “a narrative we thought we knew is not the reality.” #MTPDaily

Maybe the dipsticks of the ABC and NBC News outfits figured they must be right if the “Christian” Bishop lambasted Trump for using one of their pew Bibles for the photo op.

Remember that one? The “seething” Christian “leader” told The Washington Post at the time in typical do-you-know-who-I-am fashion:

“I am the [Right Rev. Mariann Budde] bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and was not given even a courtesy call, that they would be clearing [the area] with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop,” Budde said.
She excoriated the president for standing in front of the church — its windows boarded up with plywood — holding up a Bible, which Budde said “declares that God is love.”

She said “all are welcome” too. Just not the president.

C-SPAN video still of President Trump outside St. John’s Church in Washington, DC.

She was more upset about Trump using a Bible than she was about BLM and antifa setting the church on fire.


The media had not bothered to update their clearly wrong stories about this ridiculous episode until they were embarrassed to do so days after the investigation results were released.

As the reaction by the daily Meet the Press telegraphed a narrative we thought we knew is not the reality.”

As Ronald Reagan once said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

He was too nice to these jackals.





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