'I Thought I Was Going to Die' – Man Held at Gunpoint and Beaten by Portland's Antifa/BLM Terrorists Talks From Hospital Trauma Center

Antifa/BLM terrorists wield guns as they block citizens from traveling on public streets.

The first question a Portland police officer asked the man beaten and held at gunpoint by antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters” on a city street on Wednesday was “what did you do to agitate the crowd?”


And that tells you everything about why militant thugs run the streets of Portland with impunity. The cops blame the victims. Worse, victims who dare defend themselves become the bad guys.

Joe Hall is a former Marine and handyman, who currently lays his head in a Portland hospital trauma unit. He’s laid up with broken ribs, four fractured vertebrae, a dislocated shoulder, a partially collapsed lung, and a broken eye socket from when he was kicked in the face while he was down.

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As PJ Media reported there is video of Hall getting the stuffing beaten out of him by BLM and antifa “security” thugs who boxed in his vehicle and then surrounded him with their AR15s and AK-style weapons at him. His wasn’t the only car stopped by the militants at gunpoint. See the other video of the incident below.

His offense? He got cut off in traffic by a moped, flipped off the moped driver, and the next thing he knew he was surrounded and blocked by drivers providing cover for a Black Lives Matter march. He didn’t drive through a crowd. It  appears that his only offense was to try to drive on the one side of the street where there were no protesters. He later told me that didn’t even know there was a march going on.


Hall told Portland’s Lars Larson Radio Show on Friday that when the mob surrounded him with guns, they began yelling racist epithets, calling him a racist and a Nazi. Why? There was the matter of the Trump and U.S. Marine stickers on his red truck as well. Oh, and he’s white. That’s a killing offense in these parts apparently.

“All of a sudden I heard a thump like I hit somebody. And I look up and there’s a guy standing with an AR-15 in front of me, one to the right, two to the left. I decided at that point that my life was in danger. I got out. I needed to clear the way to get my vehicle out of the area. So, I just bought a non-lethal device and told them I was going to use it. His non lethal device were pepper balls he bought off Amazon.

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Hall is the one shown in the video marching toward one of the gunmen with his gun pointed down and and then within seconds pointing it at the antifa gunman. He was jumped from behind by another man and soon another man wearing body armor joined the pig pile. While he was on the ground he was repeatedly kicked in the head.

While he was out of his truck and getting his head bashed in, thieves broke into it, stealing his keys, and the other two gun he carried with him. Hall is a concealed carry license holder.

Hall could have shot his way out but he told Larson he was reminded of Mike Strickland, the first person in Portland beaten by antifa and who pulled a gun to back off the mob. Strickland saved himself by pulling out his gun without firing a shot, but as I’ve explained in my 16 part podcast series Strickland was the one prosecuted for pulling the gun.


And here we are.

Portland has made a turn. After years of passively watching antifa and BLM’s violent assaults, arsons, bombings, assaults on journalists, cops, and federal officers, and standing idly by while antifa and BLM “security” committed a political assassination on the streets of Portland on video, there doesn’t seem to be anything the so-called Portland leadership plans to do about it. Antifa, BLM and their race hatred may be so embedded in the city’s monocultural mindset that my hometown may be irretrievably broken.

Portland’s Leftist leaders chose sides long ago. They’re not on yours.

When President Trump tried to stop the mob from burning the federal courthouse and ICE building, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, his city on fire and looking at a tough November election, threw in his lot with the mob setting fire to the downtown area and police buildings. He denounced Trump and blamed the president for the mob activity.

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So whose fault is it now, Portland?

Wheeler had a predictably “Who me?” response to the attacks on the drivers on Wednesday. Said Wheeler, I don’t know if the protesters had a parade permit (which one must have in order to take over a street), that’s not my department.

To be clear, again, Wheeler’s the mayor.


When Portland police got back to me on Friday night and they claimed that, gee, parade permits aren’t our department, we don’t know if they had a permit, I concluded that the mob didn’t have a permit. This is important because Wheeler could order his cops – he is the police commissioner after all – to enforce the laws, which would have perhaps nipped this kind of thing in the bud. But that might make the mob mad at him.

There’s more to this story, which I’ll explain in later updates, but here’s the take away for now: a man is in the hospital because Wheeler, the cops, and indeed the entire city structure made it OK for an armed mob to take over the streets, beat up and hold at gun point drivers who dared drive on the mob’s streets.

And that’s a problem.


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