Violent Rioter Freed by Portland's DA Is Arrested AGAIN After Feds Tie Him to Attempted Murders of 2 Portland Cops

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The Multnomah County (Portland) District Attorney dropped charges and freed a violent Portland antifa/BLM rioter last fall but now we learn that same man was also responsible for attempting to murder two cops in earlier riots.

After freeing literally hundreds of antifa and BLM rioters from Portland custody despite destructive and violent riots after the death of George Floyd, even the lawless Multnomah County prosecutor’s office may not be able to look the other way on this case.

Accused Portland rioter and would-be double murderer, Malik Muhammed, was arrested on Friday in Indianapolis for throwing molotov cocktails at Portland Police officers at separate riots last September. In at least one case he seemed to have set himself on fire.

See the police footage below.

Muhammed, who’s 24 – and old enough to know better –  was arrested and accused of vandalizing the Oregon Historical Society museum in a “Day of Rage” planned riot last October. That was an act that outraged even Portland’s old-line liberal establishment, which stood mute while the rest of the area was torched and citizens were terrorized over 169 days in 2020.

At the time, Muhammed was arrested on charges of riot and for possession “of a loaded firearm in public, one count of criminal mischief in the first degree and one count of riot,” according to the DA’s office at the time.

While Capitol rioters have been held without bail for months for far lesser charges, somehow Muhammed snuck out of town and ended up back home in Indianapolis, where FBI and BATFE officers found him and arrested him for the attempted murders on Friday.

But, as suspected, the Multnomah County District Attorney we find out let Muhammed go and dropped the charges as it did scores of others far-left rioters.

PJ Media has contacted the Multnomah County DA’s Office to find out if charges from last fall were dropped against Muhammed, but before they got back to us, KGW TV reported that indeed the charges against the now accused attempted murderer had been dropped and he’d been freed by the far-left DA.

On Friday, no thanks to the Multnomah County DA’s Office, other agencies combined efforts to catch him in Indiana, according to KGW.

Several agencies, including the Portland Police Bureau, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police and the FBI were involved in the months-long investigation.

According to a law enforcement source, the attempted aggravated murder charges stem from two separate incidents in which Muhammad is suspected of throwing lit Molotov cocktails at police officers.

The first of the incidents occurred on Sept. 21, according to law enforcement.

A Portland police press release following the Sept. 21 incident described how someone in a crowd of demonstrators threw a lit Molotov cocktail toward the Penumbra Kelly police buildingon Southeast Burnside. The fire was extinguished, and no one was hurt.

On Monday, the DA’s Office put out a tweet that a grand jury indicted Muhammed on the same charges they’d previously dropped and for the attempted murders of two cops.

The Portland Police Bureau says Muhammed is a dangerous man and tried to firebomb a cop and the police union hall.

The investigation implicated Muhammed in significant incidents of violence and destruction. Muhammed threw the firebomb that scorched the uniform of a police officer on September 23, 2020 near the intersection of Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest Main Street, in Portland. Muhammed was responsible for throwing an incendiary device (photo), which did not ignite, at police officers at the Penumbra Kelly Building, 4735 East Burnside Street, on September 21, 2020. Muhammed was responsible for tens of thousands of dollars of damage to windows in downtown Portland, including at the Oregon Historical Society, on October 11, 2021.

Muhammed’s alleged weapon of choice, besides his 9-millimeter pistol, were Molotov cocktails – incendiary bombs – that were thrown at the police officers.

KGW TV reports Muhammed faces 26 felony charges with a minimum of ten years attached.

Muhammad travelled to Portland to participate in protests, said his mother Lori Muhammad.

Muhammad helped organize various rallies in Indianapolis last summer against racial injustice and police use of force, according to press reports.

Muhammad made headlines after helping to defuse a tense standoff between police and demonstrators in Indianapolis by hugging a police lieutenant on June 1.

“I never in a million years thought I would embrace a cop like that,” Muhammad said afterward.

It turns out that it was a one in a million chance he would hug a cop and a two in a million chance he’d try to kill them.

I’ve reached out to the DA’s office to see if they’ll release him – again – and drop charges – again – and will let you know.  This time, however, the feds might have something to say about that.


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