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'Get Out, Nazis!'– Pastor Explodes in Righteous Anger, Kicks Out Canada's COVID Cops at 'Good Friday' Service

'Get Out, Nazis!'– Pastor Explodes in Righteous Anger, Kicks Out Canada's COVID Cops at 'Good Friday' Service
(YouTube screenshot)

Calgary, Canada, Pastor Art Pawlowski knows about freedom and tyranny. He showed everyone how he deals with it during his Good Friday service when the COVID cops came calling. And he wants you to “wake up and stand up” to what’s happening.


Pawlowski was born in communist Poland in 1973. For at least the first 16 years of his life the Polish people lived under the yoke of communism. Eventually as an adult, the outspoken pastor made his way to Canada to preach the Gospel.

He probably thought he’d emigrated to freedom.

But he was wrong.

Canada and Pawlowski’s brand of Christianity have clashed for several years. The preacher was tagged by Canadian COVID cops for feeding the hungry outside. For preaching the Bible about abortion, divorce, homosexuality, and other non-politically correct, other-than-government-approved messages in 2010, his church’s charitable tax exemption was revoked. At Christmas, Canada’s COVID cops gave him12 citations for feeding people.

Now this.

On Good Friday, six of Canada’s COVID cops interrupted his Good Friday and Passover service to determine if he was following government pandemic rules.

When Pawlowski saw them come up the stairs he flew into action and began railing against them. He told them in no uncertain terms, with righteous anger, to get out of the church.

Gestapo is not allowed! OUT! Nazis are not allowed here. Out, Nazi!

Nazis are not welcome here!

Do you understand English? Then get out of this property! Go! Go!

Don’t come back without a warrant. Out Nazi! Do you understand? Nazis are not welcome here. Out!

And don’t come back without a warrant.

Do not come back here you Nazi psychopaths!

Gestapo, Nazi, communist, fascists! Don’t you dare com[e] back here without a warrant!

They’re coming to intimidate Christians during the holiest festival.

Sick, sick people!


The cops figured that the better part of valor was to leave.

(YouTube screenshot)

After chasing out the Canada COVID cops and following outside to watch them leave, Pawlowski, who had recorded the entire encounter, turned the camera around and gave his parishioners and anyone else watching a message. In his somewhat broken English, he told them to “stand up.”

If you are not wake up, stand up.

I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. If Canadians will not rise up …

[L]ook what is happening in Germany.

Germany is taken over by fascism again.

The wanna be Hitlers are already ruling. You can not even leave from one city to another. There’s a total lockdown.

If you are not to be vaccinated like a dog or a cat, you will not be able to buy or sell, will not be able to go to school or work. Is that the future you want? Is that what you want for your children and your grandchildren?

That’s the future of Canada? Wow. Unbelievable.

And he encouraged people to fight. Not tomorrow, not someday, but right now because “I don’t think we’ll have tomorrow.”

Friends, you got to join the fight. We have rallies. We are meeting every week. We need numbers and we need to stand up against them. We need to file lawsuits against their craziness right now, while we still have the window of opportunity. Because if we don’t do it now, I don’t think we’ll have tomorrow.

Calgary, Canada, police  issue a statement, which read in part:

One uniformed member of Calgary Police Service attended a call to assist our partner agencies, Alberta Health Services and City of Calgary Bylaw services, in relation to a gathering being held at the Street Church.

The concern was that the people in attendance were not adhering to the government’s COVID-19 public health orders, which are in place to ensure everyone’s safety.


Pawlowski said the Canadian officers were armed and under color of authority and were ready and willing to shut him down.

We’re living in a take over of the government with their thugs. Goons. The brown shirts, the gestapo-wanna-be dictators, coming to the church armed with guns, tasers and handcuffs to intimidate during passover celebration?

Ezra Levant of Rebel News tweeted, tongue-in-cheek that the police were using Twitter to send hateful messages about a religious group, but, of course, Calgary police’s social media account remains intact.

Canada’s Rebel News set up an account to pay for Pawlowski’s attorneys after his attempts to feed the hungry outside in a park.

Says Pawlowski after Friday’s attempted shutdown:

Well, I guess that’s it. They want to enslave us all like the Egyptians did. The wanna be Pharaohs of today – that’s what they’re doing. Unbelievable

Our rights are being taken away from us so quickly, it’s unbelievable.

Though he sounds dejected at this point, it seems that he has a lot of fight and fire left in him.

I’ve reached out for comment from the pastor.


See the encounter from the pastor’s perspective below.



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