Seattle Police Chief Can't Stomach the Bitter Irony of the Latest Murder at CHOP

Since they took over a Seattle neighborhood, Police Chief Carmen Best has issued continuous pleas to the antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters to get out of the area they took over on June 8.


It’s all she can do. Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered Best to abandon the local police precinct to the whims, goodwill, and vicissitudes of the Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters – even after what happened in Minneapolis and on the streets of many major cities.

Best has been ordered by the mayor to stand-down her officers from confronting the squatting protesters. Instead, her boss has given the task of convincing the violent protesters to leave to social workers and city street employees.

But two black, teenage boys were sprayed with bullets, allegedly by the CHOP “security” people as they drove into or near the CHOP zone early Monday morning.

Q-13 News reports witnesses said the two teens shot at squatters as they drove in, and armed people, reportedly acting as CHOP “security” team members, shot back in a relentless barrage of fire. But the official Seattle Police Department update says nothing about the two teens doing any shooting.

Seattle’s ‘Paid Bootlicker’

One activist, Andre Taylor, whose brother was killed by Seattle police in 2016, tried to help convince BLM to get out. It didn’t go well when he asked them to move on. Instead, they screeched at him and called him a paid bootlicker.


Durkan’s disastrous management of the CHOP/CHAZ/Antifastan take-over is well known.

Even former New York mayor and prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani, called her “useless.”

Another Black Life Lost at Seattle’s Black Lives Matter Protest

Now CHOP is the scene of yet another murder – one of many shootings at the encampment – and hours after the shooting, Chief Best couldn’t stifle feelings of bitter irony even as she was shouted at by protesters yelling, “Black Lives Matter!”

Andre Taylor told Q-13 News that the protesters say they want to end police shootings and brutality, but at the first opportunity, they shot to kill.



Chief Best voiced another irony about how multiple shootings have resulted in the murders of two black men.

We have another murder in this area identified as the CHOP. Two African American men dead at a place where they claim to working for Black Lives Matter but they’re gone; they’re dead now.

… This is something that’s going to need to change. We’re asking that they removes themselves from this area for the safety of the people. If they care about people, they’re going to have to try to help us make it safe.”

Q-13 reports that the scene of the shooting was also “tampered with” and no one at CHOP is cooperating in the investigation. The vehicle was gone through by multiple people, according to media reports.

Best said it was “absolutely irresponsible” for this to continue.

I think enough is enough, I absolutely do.

I ask her the same question that I asked her before. When will you put your job on the line to make that point?


How do you let these lawless people stay in this lawless area? This is insane.


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