Even After Weekend of Extreme Violence at 'CHOP,' Clueless Seattle Mayor Says Things There Are 'Improving'

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says things are improving at the Leftist squatter’s utopia known as CHAZ nee CHOP, where over the past few days there have been multiple shootings, sexual assaults, and a murder.


This is the same mayor who claimed the takeover of private and public property by violent antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals just might turn into the “summer of love.”

In an interview on Seattle’s Q-13 News, the clueless Durkan walked back that whole “summer of love” thing, which she claimed was said in jest about Antifastan.

Nobody’s laughing, mayor.

Durkan’s interview was conducted on Thursday and posted on Monday morning after a weekend of shootings and a murder at the encampment. But, even before her interview, Antifastan was full of violence. There had already been clashes with cops, violence within the camp, illegal gun-running, shakedown schemes, and sexual attacks she’s ignored.

Seattle Mayor Says Things at CHOP Are Improving

Durkan, who ordered the abandonment of a police precinct in the CHOP zone, says things are actually showing “improvements” there.


We’ve seen improvements there and I think that we will continue to see improvements there.


No, it’s not improved. It wasn’t improved at the time the mayor gave this interview. It was worse.


Assaults are a regular feature of this “summer of love” hellhole in stutopia.

And there was another shooting late Sunday night.

And a murder the night before. Another person was critically wounded.


Oh, they’re extorting food from residents in exchange for not spray-painting their homes and shops.

Seattle Mayor Says ‘Peaceful Demonstrations’ in CHOP

President Trump says Durkan’s folly is a disaster, but the mayor says “heavy-handedness and [the] president [wanting] domination was never going to be the solution.” Still, how would she know? She’s never tried it. But it doesn’t sound like running those people out of there is part of her plan.

We think we can have both public safety and first amendment protests and … heavy handedness and the president wanted domination was never going to be the solution. I think that we are moving toward a solution.

On Sunday, after a double shooting, including a murder, Durkan actually doubled down on her prognostication for peace at the violent encampment.

“In the coming days, I believe together we can create a Capitol Hill environment that allows for peaceful demonstrations at Cal Anderson [park], quality of life for residents, and take concrete steps towards a new vision for policing in our City.”


But just because she will do nothing to protect the people inside the CHOP zone, it doesn’t mean that someone won’t step up.

Attorney General Bill Barr’s Message to Seattle Mayor

Attorney General Bill Barr said they’re keeping track of what’s going on at the Seattle’s CHOP.

And after Durkan’s comments about the hope for “new vision” of “peaceful protesting” following a weekend full of shootings and a murder, Barr should get involved. Seattle’s mayor is obviously in way over her head.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News on Sunday, Barr said that “it’s the responsibility of local officials and the state officials [to deal with the problem]. At the end of the day it’s the [federal government’s] responsibility to make sure the citizens are not deprived of their federal rights.”

Too late for that. 

Barr says he empathizes with demonstrators who are “raising concerns about police” but said “a lot of these demonstrations have been hijacked by anarchistic groups and professional agitators in it just for the violence and confrontation. I make a distinction between peaceful demonstrators and these violent agitators who are involved throughout the country.”


He said the feds are keeping an eye on CHOP and “in due course we may have to do something about it, but we can’t let it go on indefinitely.”

That comes as sweet music to the ears of all law-abiding Seattle residents.

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