Seattle's Antifastan Is Getting Fortification and Decorations – at Taxpayer Expense

CHOP barricade provided by the city of Seattle at taxpayer expense. Photo from Twitter.

Seattle radicals are digging in for a long stay at CHOP/CHAZ and the acronym-challenged rioters are getting a big assist from, of all places, the city. And taxpayers, of course.


Mayor Jenny Durkan has fancied that this take over of a six block area of Capitol Hill in the city she ostensibly runs could be just like the “summer of love.” For the people who live there, it’s hell. They haven’t been able to move freely to get to their homes and businesses. They’re scared and they’re too afraid to complain for fear of being hurt or their buildings being burned.

For her part, Durkan’s quite sanguine about allowing this wholesale takings from private citizens because it earns her political points with the far Left and gives her wokeness cred.

Armed gunmen, a warlord, violent radicals who man check points and conduct stop and frisk, join the “peaceful” protesters 24 hours a day. There’s no end in sight, especially after Durkan’s latest move. She is ratifying the rioters’ taking over of public and private property.

Q-13 Reporter Brandi Kruse reports that the city and what Seattle radio host Todd Herman calls “Antifastan” have come to an agreement to have city workers put up barricades for the protesters.

Kruse says this signals that Durken is letting the radicals embed for a long stay.


This is a clear sign that the city is letting protesters stay long term. They are specifically adding wood around concrete barriers for people to decorate.

Welcome to Seattle’s Antifastan

In exchange for building the kids’ fort for them which is going to be really neat, the city may occasionally allow in emergency vehicles. One wonders if that will include cops who abandoned their own precinct to placate the protesters?

Fox News reports that the occupiers apparently have agreed to reduce their fiefdom from six square blocks to only three blocks. They’re so generous, so wonderful.

The city of Seattle and protesters occupying the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” have reached an agreement that will remove temporary roadblocks and replace them with concrete barriers, Fox News has been told.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is installing concrete barriers in the middle of Pine Street, running East and West, which will split the road for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This will allow for emergency service vehicles to pass through the area.

The agreement will reduce the area protesters previously called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, from about six or seven city blocks to just three. This is the first time in weeks traffic will be able to pass by the shuttered East Police Precinct.


Here are the city-paid employees building Antifastan’s barricades for them.

Seattle’s Unequal Application of the Law

Let’s get to the basics about Seattle’s Antifistan anti-cop fortification.

The antifa, Black Lives Matter and anarchist radicals took over the six-block area in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle on June 8th for these basic reasons.

  1. George Floyd was killed by police in a different city
  2. All cops are bastards and murder black people all the time and with impunity
  3. Black people are not given equal treatment under the law

We can all agree that number one occurred. Number two is not true. And number three is a question.

Equal treatment under the law is something we all strive for. It’s our God-given promise embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Sometimes the law is unequally applied, like, say, in the Roger Stone case, or what Mayor Jenny Durken is doing by treating these thieves differently than the people they’ve stolen from.


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