BLM Activist Faces Hate Crime Charges for Knocking Out the Teeth of a Black Conservative

Twitter screenshot (@dpi_19)

On Saturday, a Black Lives Matter mob targeted a free speech rally against Big Tech in San Francisco. An assailant socked the free speech rally organizer, 25-year-old black conservative Philip Anderson, in the jaw, knocking out his two front teeth. On Sunday, the San Francisco Police Department arrested a suspect, 35-year-old Androa “Dro” Anderson, charging him with mayhem and a hate crime enhancement.


Philip Anderson organized the protest on his website, “Team Save America.” He launched the protest after Facebook and Twitter took unprecedented steps to censor a New York Post article about Hunter Biden. “Our free speech rally and protest against Twitter & Big Tech, October 17th in San Francisco California. The Protest will be right in front of Twitter HQ and the rally will be at United Nations Plaza,” the website announced.

A masked male assailant wearing tactical gloves socked Philip Anderson and called the organizer a racial slur. Counterprotesters condemned the Team Save America rally as facist and shouted the N-word at the victim.

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On Monday, police announced they had arrested Androa Anderson, adding a “hate crime enhancement” to charges of mayhem.


Androa Anderson’s Instagram page shows the suspect frequenting Black Lives Matter protests and pan-Africanism rallies in the Bay Area, the Post Millennial reported.

The suspect posted a video showing him stealing a pro-police flag from a car with a “Make America Great Again” sticker in June. “Caught a #ThinBlueLine #MAGA Flagga LACKIN!” he wrote with the video. “You advocate for Police Genocide [sic], harassment, abuse, rape, and mass incarceration you a threat on my family’s existence and humanity. #bluelivesmatter NO #BLUELIVESMURDER.”

Black Lives Matter activist burns flag
Instagram screenshot.

The video also shows Androa Anderson setting fire to the stolen flag.

“I hold no grudge against him. He’s been brainwashed,” Phillip Anderson told the Post Millennial. He added that antifa rioters physically blocked attendees from reaching his rally on Saturday.

A GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the victim’s medical costs has raised more than $32,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram locked Phillip Anderson’s accounts after the assault. “I’m the victim and I get banned? They erased my existence,” he told the Post Millennial.

The victim said he plans to organize another protest against Big Tech.


Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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