Whitesplaining? Chelsea Handler Calls Ben Carson, David Clarke 'Black White Supremacists'

Twitter screenshot of Chelsea Handler calling Ben Carson and David Clarke "white black supremacists."

In a Netflix video about racism, so-called “comedian” Chelsea Handler attacked black supporters of President Donald Trump, including Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson, as “black white supremacists.”


“The most confusing group of racists are black white supremacists — not to be confused with white black supremacists like Rachel Dolezal,” Handler said in a video published Thursday.

“Black white supremacists are black people who think white people are better than them,” she explained. “They include Stacey Dash, Ben Carson, and this guy Sheriff Clarke — he’s the only sheriff in the country who pulls himself over for no reason.”

This screed, calling black celebrities “white supremacists” because they have supported President Trump, is not only deeply offensive, it’s absurd. There is no indication that Dash, Carson, or Clarke have ever even suggested that they “think white people are better than them.”

Stacey Dash is an actress and talk show host who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but switched parties in 2012, endorsing Mitt Romney on Twitter. In 2016, she said that transgender people’s so-called rights to use the bathroom of their choice “infringe upon her own” rights. She supported Donald Trump’s proposed “Muslim ban in the wake of the Orlando shooting last year.

Her latest op-ed responded to the Left’s dividing people on the basis of race and pushing to forget history.

Carson himself ran against Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, and later withdrew, endorsing the New York real estate tycoon. He grew up in Detroit, and credited God and his mother for his ability to study hard and improve his circumstances. He became a successful neurosurgeon and an inspiring author.


Clarke served as sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, for 15 years. Although registered and elected as a Democrat in a Democratic county, Clarke has leaned toward the Right. He spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention and resigned as sheriff in order to join the pro-Trump Super PAC America First Action.

While Clarke had a few scandals as sheriff, there has been no suggestion that he is a “white supremacist.”

This is not the first time, even this month, that Handler has made offensive comments involving President Trump. A few weeks back, she suggested that President Trump himself has syphilis.

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