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SPLC's Garden Gnome Blames Santa Barbara Shooter on 'War on Women'

potokThis guy, whose group would not blame the Family Research Council shooting on his own group’s hatefulness, blames the Santa Barbara shooting on an Obama campaign talking point.


Mark Potok, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told MSNBC host Joy Reidon Tuesday that the killing of four men and two women by alleged murderer Elliot Rodger was part of a “war on women” which began in 1989. He added that the misogynistic “man-o-sphere” online has created “a number of mass killers.”

Reid noted that Rodger had spent some of his time on websites in which men expressed their frustrations about feminism and their difficulties in attracting women. “How big is this movement,” Reid asked of the “so-called men’s rights groups.”

Ridiculous. The “war on women” is an Obama talking point, nothing more and nothing less, designed to divide people and keep him in power. Well, unless you count the “honor killings” and the threats against Ayaan Hirsi Ali and any woman who bucks radical Islam. Then you might have a point — a point that Mr. Potok will not make or agree with.

But coming from a guy who literally published a map that led directly to an attempted mass murder, the SPLC’s trolling tragedy is not all that surprising.

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