Contest Winners: Official White House Photo – Obama Rocks Jeans While Putin Moves Tanks


Official White House photo

Thanks to everyone who entered our “Obama Rocks Jeans While Putin Moves Tanks” caption contest.

As usual, the entries were so clever and funny that I could hear all the judges laughing out loud while trying to determine the winners.


It turned out the grand prize winner was someone very familiar to contest fans for he is our reigning Caption King, Chris Henderson.

Seriously Chris, how DO you do it?

Contest after contest (except when you were vacationing in re-education camp) you write these amazing captions that perfectly captures the essence of the photo.

Here is why Chris is King of the Caption Kings:

Ronald Reagan: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Barack Obama: “Mr. Putin, please take my call!” 

“Look here Putin, either you behave or I will unleash the West’s most destructive force ever on you…ObamaCare!”

“‘Ukraine?’ I thought you said “cocaine.” So I’m no longer interested.”

OBAMA: “Hello?”  VOICE ON OTHER END OF THE PHONE: “This is the 80s. Do you want your foreign policy back?” (Editor’s note: Click here for news background on this caption.)

And there were many more! So just go back to the contest and read them all.

Now, besides Chris we had numerous other winners. Here they are and I dare you not to LOL.


AFBlue won with: “Thank you for calling the Kremlin. Your business is important to us..”

RockThisTown had several winners:

Well, Crimea . . . . river!  You don’t have Leno laughing at you every night anymore!”

Resolute Desk by Queen Victoria, Designer jeans by Bugle Boy, President by low-info voters.

“Vlad, you better cut it out in Ukraine – these jeans are stone-washed!”

FunJohnny had me LOL with this one:

Ya better wise-up, Vlad…I’ve put my man pants on. And, in case your wonderin’ — it Depends.

CraigZ won with: Sorry, gotta go. GQ’s here for the shoot.

Cfbleachers another “King of Caption Kings” had several winners, as usual:

Obama has a pair of jeans and a way to deal with a foreign policy crises…..    Guess.

“I have a phone…I just don’t answer it”

Vlad, it’s March and you know what that means…have to fill out my bracket picks!”.

Kuce had this clever entry:

“Would you quit with the ‘protecting Russian speakers’ thing? Mexico is starting to get a few ideas.”


Allan Crowson scored with these two:

“Vladimir, they assured me you were in the tank, just like the media. What do you mean, you’re in *a* tank?”

“Yes, that’s right. I have a pen, and I uh have a phone. I’m using it right now. What’s that? You have an army, and you have a backbone, and you’re using it right now. Yes, I understand.”

Daniel in Brookline cracked up the judges with this one:

“Vlad, you’d better stop. I have the Washington Post on line 2, and they’re ready to write you up as a racist. You heard me? RACIST!”

Thanks again loyal contest fans for taking the time to enter and see you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJM Tatler photo caption contest.



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