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Brewer Vetoes Controversial AZ Religious Rights Bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) announced this evening that she will veto Senate Bill 1062. The two-page bill was passed by the legislature, as a measure intended to protect Christian business owners from lawsuits if they decline to provide services to gay couples due to religious objections.

In her statement, Gov. Brewer said that she was vetoing the bill because no one had brought any Arizona-based cases of discrimination against religious business owners to her. The bill was sparked by cases in which Christian business owners refused to provide services to gay couples in relation to marriage, citing their religious objections. Those cases are taking place in New Mexico, Oregon and Iowa.

Massive pressure had been put on Brewer to veto the bill, from former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to the NFL, which hinted that it might to move next year’s Super Bowl from Arizona if Brewer signed the bill.