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MSNBC's Martin Bashir Apologizes for Wishing Someone Would Defecate in Sarah Palin's Mouth

Again, I ask, what is the hiring process at MSNBC?

And what is the process by which an anchor’s thoughts make it to air on that network?

The evidence suggests that MSNBC goes out of its way to hire vile creatures to give them prominent places in its broadcast day. Let’s just look at a handful of the people it trusts with its brand.

Alec Baldwin cannot control his rage and has a confirmed tendency to launch into anti-gay slurs.

Al Sharpton, whose record includes the massive Tawana Brawley racial hoax that ruined an innocent man’s life; the Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot that got people killed; the Crown Heights riot, that also got an innocent man killed.

And Bashir, who went on the air and wished for someone to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth. He’s very sorry about that, now that it attracted negative reaction.

But what sort of reaction did he expect his audience would give him for that?

There is something very wrong going on at that hateful network.