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Limbaugh: New 'Hosurance' Ads Selling Kids on Sandra Fluke's 'Promiscuity'

Rush Limbaugh reacted to the Colorado progressive “hosurance” ads in a way that may generate another phone call from President Obama to Sandra Fluke.

Limbaugh showed the hosurance ad on his Dittocam, and then proceeded to link it to Sandra Fluke, who in 2012 claimed that she needed Obamacare to provide her contraception pills that cost about $9 per month at Walmart.

“That ad is associating promiscuity with Obamacare,” Limbaugh said. “Obama care will get you your birth control pill so you can get him and you can get her and you can get the between the covers.”

He continued: “This is exactly what, I forgot the woman’s name now Snerdley, the one that was in that fake congressional hearing, press conference, when she was asked basically says, ‘I want to have endless, limitless sex’ and was like ‘I want you to pay for it.’ And ‘It’s costing me three thousand dollars a month for my birth control, I can’t afford that with my tuition and everything else and I want your all to pay for it.’ And I was like any normal, responsible person I was insulted by this. We were here being told we have to pay for this which is behavior we don’t sanction.”