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Bryan Preston


November 12, 2013 - 10:31 am

Lovely. Yes, it’s real.



Nice asterisk ya go there. progressives.

Update: Progressives’ war on Latinas?

Update: The hosurance ad was produced by Progress Now Colorado. We’ve seen their act before.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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I'm looking at the whole set and . . .

Brosurance = promote dangerous and underage intoxication
Club Med = insurance for yuppies
Friends with Benefits = equate exercise with attractiveness
Harness Heatlh = promote "X Sports" and being rich enough for them
Healthy Tips = perhaps the only one not egregiously offensive
Hey Girl (1) = promote promiscuity
Hey Girl (2) = promote promiscuity and threesomes
Keg ER = because Brosurance wasn't bad enough with promoting dangerous intoxication
Let's Get Physical = promote even more promiscuity
Life Preserver = more dangerous "X Sports"
Mamacare = not offensive at first glance, but is this a trend with breeding Latinas?
Pain Killers = promote bloodsports
Proof of Insurance = well, with all the intoxication being promoted, yeah, that kid better be covered
Rode to Recovery = not that offensive, but with the other "X Sports" it makes you wonder how he wiped out
Get Your Shots = female intoxication combined with dangerous sports
Sports Medicine = nice sentiment, but who is this kid's coach getting him torn up like that?
Stress Relief = more exercise as attractiveness
Triage = more yuppy pasttimes
Trick or Treat It = because giving a kid that age a carving knife that big and not watching him closely enough he chops his hand off is okay as long as you have Obamacare
Uniform Coverage = worse than sports medicine; seriously, who is coaching these kids they are getting shredded so badly?

This is some twisted stuff.
46 weeks ago
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I grew up in the free love 60's, but I haven't met any babes that plan to do 1 night stands with the studs at the bar. OK, I won't get pregnant but I'm going to have 50 partners this year. Besides my Insurance wants me out there getting all kinds of things they can treat. Back in my day, a woman was permiscuious if she had slept with more than 10 in her live, not last month
46 weeks ago
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This reeks of desperation. It also reminds me of the stereotypical "cool parent" trying desperately to talk to their kids in bastardized hip slang: cringeworthy without being funny.

I'm surprised, frankly. This is the Left we're talking about; surely they must have SOMEONE with an English major? That substandard copy is an embarrassment.
46 weeks ago
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LOL I was thinking the same thing.
Look at the Obamacare folks trying to be "down" with the kids.
So sad.
45 weeks ago
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I love the substandard grammar/punctuation in the asterisk line, too….

"If you like your comma, you can keep it. Period."
46 weeks ago
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Now THAT sounds like an ad for birth control! "If you like your period, you can keep your period. Period."
46 weeks ago
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Progressives: insulating reprobates from the consequences of their foolish behavior for close to 50 years.
46 weeks ago
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This has to be fake - right? Please tell me it's fake.

Looking at the WHOIS info for it's a private registration, so whoever registered the name doesn't want their name/org associated with it.
46 weeks ago
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It's a Colorado progressive group. Real ad.
46 weeks ago
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Condoms don't protect you fully either. Those things break.

46 weeks ago
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One good way to protect yourself is to not sleep with women like that.
46 weeks ago
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