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Kirsten Powers Leaves Reason Behind

The liberal Fox and Daily Beast pundit Kirsten Powers has finally gone full Obama apologist. In a screed against Republicans who are trying to defund Obamacare — against an explicit threat from President Obama to shut the whole government down in order to preserve his unpopular signature law — Powers tosses up howlers.

Try this one. Keep in mind, it’s directed at Republicans:

Having principles is fine. Imposing them on everyone else through destructive maneuvering that keeps the country constantly on edge is not.

Two words: “I won.” That was how Barack Obama approached “negotiations” with the Republicans in Congress at the beginning of his first term.

Powers’ two sentences above describe the Obama administration’s MO from the beginning. To take but one example, Obamacare did not have majority support when it passed. It does not have that support now. When the Tea Party rose up to oppose it, what happened?

Democrats smeared them as racist.

As we have drawn closer to Obamacare’s full implementation, corporations, Big Labor, even Congress have sought exemptions from it. Yet it is being imposed on the nation against our will, to further Democrat collectivist principles. Obamacare is hurting the weak recovery and costing many Americans their jobs, in order to further Democrat objectives.

Powers surely knows that the threat to shut down the government now is not coming from Ted Cruz or Mike Lee. Both have sought to get Obamacare defunded before it goes into full effect October 1. President Obama has responded to that with his threat to shut down the government. He has also said that he will not negotiate with Republicans over the national debt ceiling — the same man who is entrusting the Syria WMD issue to Vlad Putin won’t talk to Republicans. The same man who as senator said that raising the debt ceiling was a “sign of failed leadership” and who opposed raising the ceiling when he was in the Senate now says that he will not negotiate over it at all. He goes farther than that, calling people who held the same position that he held as a senator “reckless.”

How can any adult hold a reasonable conversation with such a man?

Powers never mentions any of these facts, though she is surely aware of them.

She gets one point correct in her piece, in a quote from one of the two people she interviewed for it: “You have to accept the legitimacy of the other side.”

Barack Obama has consistently treated his opponents and critics to games of name-calling and rank dishonesty. He earns four Pinocchios for his latest debt ceiling game. He does not accept any criticism or opposition as legitimate. Neither, apparently, do his apologists like Powers.

What are Republicans supposed to do? He won, but so did they. That’s how they got to Washington.