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So When Do We Get the Official White House Photo of President Obama Calling Jason Collins?

Last week the Obama administration released a photo of the president holding a solo moment of silence to honor the Boston bombing victims. Thereby the president inserted himself into the story of honoring the victims of the terrorist attack.

Obama is hesitant to comment on many stories. He flat out punted last week when asked about the trial of gruesome abortionist Kermit Gosnell, even though Obama vocally supports late-term abortion and became the first president to address Planned Parenthood last week. He claimed that he wasn’t familiar with reports that his own administration has threatened Benghazi survivors to keep them silent. He wasn’t outraged that it may have happened, though, and showed no heat or interest to get to the bottom of it. The possibility of corrupt functionaries making threats lurking in his administration did not evidently interest him. But he chooses and then goes out of his way to comment on other stories.

After former NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay, President Obama called Collins directly. First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted her approval and told Collins that the Obamas “have his back.” All of this was worth the First Family’s time?

Then during Tuesday’s press conference, President Obama spent much of the time either delivering non-answers or accidentally making news by telling Americans suffering higher health insurance premiums and having their hours cut to avoid mandates that they’re already experiencing the benefits of ObamaCare. He also pledged, improbably, to continue his 2008-era fight to close the terrorist holding facility at Gitmo, which he has not lifted a finger to close during his presidency. Republicans would welcome that fight. Also improbably, he said that he hoped the hunger striking terrorists in Gitmo don’t die of starvation (but he would happily kill them in a drone attack if they happened to step outside the Gitmo fence).

Obama only brightened up at the end of the presser, when he volunteered his support for Collins. No one in the media asked him about it, which evidently surprised him as it was the one issue he was fully prepared to address. So after nearly leaving, he reopened the presser just to make the point that he supports Collins. Bully for both.

This president gets the flippant zeitgeist of the younger voter and the low-information culture better than most. Most Americans don’t know what Planned Parenthood does. Many don’t even know that ObamaCare is still the law of the land. They haven’t connected its mandates to the stagnant economy or even to their own rising health insurance costs. But probably 90% of Americans know about Jason Collins. Jason Collins is earning the warm fuzzies of the nation for coming out. Obama held today’s hastily organized and announce press conference to capture some of those warm fuzzies for himself. He wanted to be part of the story. One day of coverage probably won’t be enough. In fact, it wasn’t. Collins came out yesterday. Obama commented today.

So when does he have a photo of himself calling Collins released on the White House web site? When does he have Collins over to the White House for an official visit?