Mystery Surrounding Illinois Democrat Facing Felony Gun Charges Deepens

Last week we reported on Democratic Illinois state Sen. Donne Trotter, who faces felony gun charges after attempting to take a handgun onto an aircraft. Trotter’s troubles bring the number of Illinois Democrats facing serious charges to three, and the mystery around Trotter himself has deepened.


After his arrest, 62-year-old Trotter claimed that he had the gun, a .25 caliber Berretta, due to his second job as a security guard. His job as state senator pays $67,000 per year plus lucrative per diem when the Illinois Senate is in session.

Trotter has been in the Illinois Assembly for 24 years. But while the company he claims employs him as a security guard, All Points Security and Detective Company, lists him as an employee, he never disclosed this employment on any of his campaign finance records. He is not answering questions about the second job. Neither is All Points.

But All Points has large government contracts. Trotter’s mysterious employment with the company, plus his failure to disclose said employment as the law requires on his campaign finance documents, raises the possibility that his security guard job is a payoff scheme.

Trotter is among the Democrats vying for the US House seat recently vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr.


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