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Did Florida Prosecutors Withhold Evidence in the George Zimmerman Trial?

A new photo has emerged in the George Zimmerman trial. Well, the photograph itself isn’t new. It was taken on the night of his fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin, moments after Zimmerman shot and killed Martin. The defense team was given this grainy black and white version.

Florida prosecutors provided that version to Zimmerman’s defense team on February 26, 2012. But the defense team now says that it just received the color original, on October 29, 2012. It shows quite a bit more detail.

Same photo, but it delivers an entirely different picture. The color photograph clearly shows extensive bleeding and evidence of a broken nose. Zimmerman claims that Martin assaulted him on the night of February 26, and Zimmerman killed Martin out of self defense. The color photo provides compelling evidence that Zimmerman is telling the truth, at least as regards the assault.

This isn’t the first time we have seen evidence favoring Zimmerman’s version of events hidden or manipulated. On March 28, ABC News released surveillance camera footage of Zimmerman at the Sanford, FL police department that on first look appeared to show an uninjured Zimmerman.

But a few days later, ABC “redigitized” the video, serving up a much clearer picture. On the “redigitized” video, Zimmerman’s wounds are clearly visible.

ABC has never really explained why it offered the first version of the video. Did the Florida prosecutors have any role in serving up the muddy version of the video, the version that appeared to show no wounds on Zimmerman? Based on its behavior regarding the photo above, it’s more than a fair question to ask. It’s a vital one.