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Florida Suburbanites the Key to Victory in 2012, by Patrick Reddy. Frost belt migrants in the Sunshine State vote like other Middle Class suburbanites nationwide.


The October Surprise, by Michael Ledeen. Talk — and more talk.

Things I Want to Shout to the World before the Election, by Helen Smith. Building the leftist utopia: Is rent-control and free birth control pills a fair exchange for destroying our children’s future and taking away our liberty?

What Happened to the October Surprise?  By Roger Kimball. Who knows what dirt Gloria Allred is running her hands through.

Bill Clinton Thinks Americans Are ‘Impatient’ for Recovery, by Rick Moran. Gee, Bill. We’ve only been waiting three years.

5 Life Advantages You Acquire from Experiencing Poverty, by John Hawkins. Being poor isn’t as good as being rich, but it’s not all bad either.

Habibi: A Moroccan Poet Sings to His Love, by P. David Hornik. A new book of poems by Canadian poet-essayist and frequent PJM contributor David Solway.


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