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[VIDEO] Watch Jay Carney Dance Over Benghazi

In his press briefing today — the first in a couple of weeks — WH spokesman Jay Carney was grilled by Fox’s Ed Henry regarding the administration’s “evolving” account of the 9-11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Carney said: “”I never said, I never said we don’t know if it’s terrorism.”

Problem for Carney: Yes, he did. On Sept 14 Carney said “We don’t have and do not have concrete evidence to suggest this was not in reaction to the film.”

That was two days before US Ambassador Susan Rice told the nation that the current assessment of the attack was that it started with a protest of a film and spiraled out of control.

The intelligence community and even the State Department now saw that they always thought it was terrorism. The US military security chief in Libya, Lt Col Andrew Wood, testified in the House today that the attack was “instantly recognizable” as terrorism.

Though President Obama did use the word “terror” to describe the attack, he has spent the past weeks continuing to blame the YouTube video. During his recent turn on The View, he flatly refused to call the attack a terrorist attack.


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