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Pulitzer Prize, Meet the WALTER DURANTY PRIZE, by Roger L Simon. Submit your choices for the most egregious examples of dishonest MSM reporting for the past year.

Girlfriends, Let’s Talk About How to Convert a Democrat, by Janine Turner. It starts with a “G.” This is Janine Turner’s inaugural column for PJ Media.

Jew-Bashing at Universities the New Normal, by Abraham H. Miller. Several recent incidents on campuses show that Jew-hate and double standards are alive and well.

Is Global Warming Responsible for the ‘Arab Spring?’ By Robert Zubrin. Sure it is. Just ask Thomas Friedman and the three experts PJ Media interviewed about the issue.

Clean Sweep for Mitt, by Bryan Preston. “A better America.”

10 Bands That Define Southern Rock, by Chris Queen. Freebird!

Interview with the Authors of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, by Ed Driscoll. To serve Mad Men.