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Media Matters Sinks to New Low

According to

Well-funded professional activists, led by the left-wing pressure group Media Matters, are waging a campaign across America to hurt small businesses like yours through strong-arm tactics and intimidation.

They don’t like Rush Limbaugh’s point of view, they resent his extraordinary popularity, and they are trying to silence him by punishing small businesses that advertise on his show!

They are actually trying to shut down businesses – tying up phone lines, crashing websites, bombarding Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, and preventing real customers from getting through.

Does Media Matters understand that companies who purchase advertising many times do not even know what shows will run their ads? The way it works is that a business will contact an advertising agency with information about their budget and what demographic and region they want to target. The ad agency will then take that information and specifically place the ad to appeal to that narrow audience. It’s not as if a company will call up Rush Limbaugh and ask him if they can advertise on his show. It does not generally work that way.

So it is very likely that some of the businesses that are getting harassed by Media Matters do not even know that they are advertising on Rush’s show. They might just have a product that they want to sell to the demographic that listens to Rush, thereby causing their ad agency to choose Rush’s show as an effective way to reach that demographic.

However, even if some of the companies chose to advertise on Rush’s show, is this really the road we want to go down in America? Should business owners have signs on their windows that state, “I am a Democrat and I do not advertise on conservative talk radio” or ” I am a Republican and I do not advertise with MSNBC.”

This is not the free market at work. This is intimidation and strong-arm tactics by a left-wing organization.

Usually the left hurts small businesses unintentionally, by enacting misguided legislation for sincere reasons. However, in this example, the left is intentionally and maliciously hurting small business owners.

President Obama, care to comment?